About Industry Partners

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) was founded in 1933 in order to establish a reliable, objective system of identifying quality property managers. Today IREM® is the nation's source of education and professional recognition for managers of all types of income-producing properties. IREM® is the only professional association comprised strictly of property management professionals. 

Certified Property Manager (CPM®) members manage over $2 trillion worth of the nation's real estate assets. They manage approximately 9.6 million residential units and 10.4 billion net square feet of commercial space. Most members manage mixed portfolios. They manage various types of properties, including apartments, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers, mobile home parts, federally assisted housing and industrial parks.

The Industry Partners program is designed to foster professional relationships between our Real Estate members and a mix of locally reputable service vendors. With the INDUSTRY PARTNERS program, our chapter can provide you with a multitude of benefits and opportunities, as listed below.


Numerous opportunities exist for our INDUSTRY PARTNERS. The following are some benefits offered:

Membership Meeting

  • Open invitation to each membership meeting for our INDUSTRY  PARTNERS.

  • Opportunity to do a 5 minute company presentation upon acceptance and distribute company brochure/material at a Membership Meeting.

  • Opportunity to promote company through material leave-behinds at each meeting.

  • Opportunity to participate in other IREM social events such as Wine Tastings. 

Newsletter & Website

  • INDUSTRY PARTNERS logos displayed on IREM60.org home page with a rotating logo advertisement feature. 

  • Listing in the INDUSTRY PARTNERS directory, which has its own home page link.

  • Links to INDUSTRY PARTNERS web page in the newsletter.

  • Opportunity to promote expertise through articles written by your company and published in the Chapter newsletter.

Exclusive Membership

  • Only two vendors from the same field.

  • All INDUSTRY PARTNERS must be approved by the Executive Council.

  • Opportunity to join the Executive Council and work directly with IREM® Members.

  • Unlimited sponsorship opportunities offered exclusively to our INDUSTRY PARTNERS.